What does gif mean or should you ask what does gif mean?

Well gif most commonly means (Graphics Interchange Format) and it's an image type. So here you can see at the top my cat gif, other image types my cat PNG, jpg, AI. So there are different image types and gif is one of those.

You'll see gift used on Facebook. You'll see it used on Twitter, You'll see using Whatsapp, you'll see it used in text messages, you'll see in chat forums. Here's an example of a gif, and the word gift being used in a text message. So this is a gif one of the unique things about gifts is that they can be used for animations.

How did you do that it's an animated gif?

Let's have a quick academic look of the word gif. Gif is classified as an acronym. That means it's an abbreviation that's spoken like a word, if it were pronounced using its individual letters gif, then it would be an initialism abbreviation or an initialism of interest. Gif was originally pronounced jiff by the creator. but it's become so widespread, and gif is so much easier to say than jiff.

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But I think even the creator would be like King Canute. Now if he were to try and change it back to gif. Unfortunately for him gif is here to stay we judge, here's some other meanings of gif.

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