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JPG TO PNG Converter. How To Convert JPG to PNG

Well, JPG To PNG Converter is an online web-based application tool that gives you an image converter service. You can easily convert your image JPG to PNG, Convert from PNG to JPG, JPG to GIF, PNG to GIF. This is a totally free and open-source tool. This software is created for solving the user problem.

In most cases, you need a jpg file but you have a png file. So, In this case, our gives you this service and solves your problem by converting your image JPG to PNG in a second or some 2-3 steps.

Let get explore this tool that how it's working? and how this tool is user-friendly or plays an important role in your work. First of all this tool is always available on the internet. you can access this website service by just this site link or Bookmarks this site to access with just one click.

How to Convert from JPG to PNG?

Now I explain how this tool works. You must need the following steps to get banefits of your this JPG to PNG Converter tool.

  • You just landing our site. Now you will see this type of interface
  • Now You want to convert JPG to PNG. Just Simply click on "Choose File" button and select your image/file on your PC or Mobile phone gallery. After Selecting the file you will see the interface look like this.
  • Then click on "Convert" button.
  • The next step you will see that interface. Here this will ask you to "Select the formats PNG or GIF". Why? Because you convert JPG image. So, our tool will automatically detect your image format and display the other formats. Like if you convert JPG file. It will display two options PNG or GIF options. When you want to convert PNG file. It will display JPG or GIF options. or that principle also apply on GIF.
  • Then click on "Convert" button.
  • The last step! You will see the message. "Successfully! Your Image is Converted jpg into PNG. That means your image is converted and ready to download. Just click on "Download Converted Image" Set the path that where you want to save this image and this will start downloading. If any issue on this tool or "Not Working". Kindly Contact Us Thank You

What is the difference between JPG and PNG?

If you do any sort of photo editing you know that those are the most popular images that we see everywhere, but why is that, and that's what I'm gonna be diving into in this article. Well, the main difference between the two is the compression algorithm that they use. JPG uses a loss Li compression algorithm means that convert from JPG to png are geting some rid of the image information to save the file and make it smaller write. JPG are typically smaller than PNG. But the reason for that is because they remove some of the image information when they save.

This means that JPG images will reduce the quality of the image as they're saved over and over again as smaller and smaller files. The image quality will degrade, but the file size will also go down in contrast.

However PNG uses a lossless compression algorithm, which means when you convert a PNG file, You won't lose any quality. But on the flip side, you'll have a massive file size. I've seen PNG go upwards of almost a gigabyte. So that's something you almost would never see out of a JPG image if it's compressed. Whereas pinging yeah that's very possible,

What are the use cases for JPG and PNG

well JPG is being used widely in photography when you take a picture, but say this is a DSLR camera. We’re recording on it by default saves it as a JPG. This is because photos like the one you take with the DSLR typically have smoother transitions between colors and tones and things like that.

What JPGs work great at those smooth transitions as you can see behind some youtube videos that black and white is not a smooth transition, but up there where that shadows at, and stuff. That's a pretty smooth transition and that is what a JPG can do very well. So, you have this option to convert jpg to png for free

JPG is Good for Website SEO

JPG also provides excellent compression of images with minimal quality loss until you start getting really really compressed. This is a good thing for online websites and stuff. One of the best ways to optimize your website speed by converting from jpg to png is to save all of your images and reduce the file size of all those images and thus increase your load time.

Typically mean you don't see compression loss. Let's say you decrease a JPG image by 5 to 10 percent of file size that's because it's not a big difference the edges of a tree may get a little bit more blurry. But we don't notice that our eyes aren't good enough to pick up on that. The only way we're gonna see is if we zoom in, really far and see a side-by-side comparison that's when we might catch it, but overall we're not gonna see that reduction in quality.

What should we start getting 50-75 %. We're definitely gonna see it but a small 5 to 10% decrease. We're not gonna see at all this compression isn't something. You can get with jpg ino PNG because it uses a lossless compression algorithm. It wants to protect that exact format in that exact look that you had originally, and so by saving it as a PNG. You're not getting any file reduction size and that can hurt when uploading it online storing it on your hard drive. If you forget to save image directly, so you can use our free online convert jpg to png tool, and reduce your image size with just one click.

Even I mean if you have a ton of PNG images, you're around space a lot faster and if you have a ton of JPG images one final, a note about JPG. Here is it has the ability to embed the EXE file and this is the information that is related to the image like when and where it was captured. Color profiles and all that other information that photographers really really like to know that stuff can help out so much.

The major difference between JPG and PNG

When you're even just brow through files to be able to know where an image was taken that can help so much way, that you're doing that and JPG is the only image format that allows that to happen. PNG doesn't have that information. However jpg can have that information, but they don't always sometimes in compression. You strip that stuff out and it can make the file size of a jpg even smaller without quality loss.

So moving on to the use case of PNG. It is mostly used when creating or altering graphics logos, cartoon images, or just single-color backgrounds. When PNG is going to shine and that's the use case most of us see it in logos, but it doesn't use on websites because the image size is very high, you must need to convert jpg to png for decrease the image size,and did you know what created images in Photoshop, and stuff like that. So for example a background image that's all one color, so you just have a white background or a gray background image that you're gonna be using on your phone or on your computer.

PNG can actually compress that single background into a very small image size Because basically, it's one big pixel right all the pixel information is the exact same all it needs to do is say.

Hey, this is the pixel information now replicate it across the entire image it's that simple. However when you have a very complex image like an actual photo. PNG has to save each individual pixel information right and when it's doing that it's going to take up a lot more space than jpg who is impressive and can figure that out better.

PNG Allow Transparent Background But JPG Does Not

Another note is that PNG does allow for transparent backgrounds that's something that I personally loved about it and the reason. I use it the most is to get a transparent background on the image that, otherwise wouldn't be able to have one, because JPG does not support transparent backgrounds. You try to save a JPG with a transparent background, it'll just turn it. White so yeah that's something that is worth noting here, that if you want to say file.

So the transparent background PNG is the way to go. So overall JPG is great for photography and capturing images with a camera or something like that. And PNG is great for graphic design cartoons and things of that nature where images are created digitally and drawn and things like that not captured with a camera, and there's the ins and outs of PNG and JPEG images. If you have any questions please contact us. We’ll reply to you back. I hope this will help you to understand JPG to PNG. Thank You.

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