How to use the free online PX to EM converter tool

The free online pixel-to-em converter tool is easy to use. Simply enter the number of pixels you want to convert into em, and take a rest. This tool will automatically calculate the number of ems based on the font size you've selected. You can then copy and paste the converted value into your HTML or CSS file. It's that easy!. Keep in mind that 1em is always equal to 16 pixels. So if you enter a value of 500 pixels, the converter will calculate that as 8em. Em values can be used for font sizing, padding, and margins. When setting font sizes, it's best to use relative units like ems or percentages so that your text will scale properly when viewed on different devices.

What is a pixel?

A pixel is the smallest unit of measurement on a computer screen. Pixels are abbreviated "px" and are measurements of the height and width of a element on a screen. For example, if you have a 600px wide by 400px high banner, that banner is made up of 24,000 pixels (600x400).

What is an em?

The em is a unit of measurement used in web design and typography. The em is based on the width of the letter M in a font. So, if you want to create a layout that is based on a 12-point font (or 1 em), all your measurements will be in terms of twelfths of an inch. This can be a little tricky to visualize, which is why most designers use the online pixel-to-em converter tool. simply enter the number of pixels you want to convert, and the tool will instantly convert it to ems.


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