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How to Compress PNG Image to 100KB

Compressing the PNG image to 100kb, that is so easy and fastest way. You just upload your image by clicking on choose file adjust the image compress size by moving the blue bar. Just adjust it according to your requirement and click on the "Compress" button. Now the image starts compressing. just within a seconds your image is compressed and shown you with a download button.

Fewer images can mean faster page load speed by compressing your PNG Images

When it comes to website speed, the page size is one of the most important factors. The larger the page, the longer it takes to load. This is why you should compress your PNG images. By compressing your images, you can drastically reduce the size of your pages, making them load much faster for your visitors. There are many free online compression tools available, and it is a process that can be easily done in a few minutes. so don't wait, Compress PNG images today and see the difference it makes for your website!


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